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Redback Boots from Australia - the facts

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Redback TPU Sole

A venemous Aussie Redback spider
Redback Spider

Australian boots are rightly gaining an amazing reputation all round the world for their rugged toughness combined with exceptional comfort. 
I have been promoting and selling a number of brands of these boots online for a number of years and have helped convert numerous buyers to their pleasures at economical prices. 
Redback Boots, made in Sydney, Australia have been leaders amongst these as they have gained a reputation for strength and longevity combined with comfort. 
Redbacks are particularly well respected amongst mechanics, construction workers, truck drivers, farmers, mine workers, emergency service personnel (the black boots make great 'quick change' fire station boots) but they are also the boot of choice for people in all occupations that require comfort, strength and  long life in their footwear. 
They are great for leisure wear as well and are appreciated by hikers, gardeners, hunters and anyone else who wants boots they can wear all day whether in the great outdoors or hard concrete surfaces.
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Redbacks offer great quality and value for money but if you want to look at alterntives see the SteelBlue and Blundstone styles to see some more excellent quality and value in this class of boot. 
By the way, for the uninitiated, a redback is an Aussie spider with a very nasty bite that can put you out of action for quite a while if you are unlucky enough to let one nip you.   It is best to keep your distance from their fangs!  The boots are safe though!
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