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SHEEPSKIN BOOTS such as Uggs (sometimes spelt ugs or ughs) are the latest cool Aussie style to take the world by storm.....
.......Thanks to good old Ma Nature, mankind can enjoy the amazing properties of natural sheepskin.  
And, thanks to the ingenuity of the early Aussie pioneers who invented merino sheepskin boots, you can now have a 'must have' fashion statement that not only looks good but is supremely practical! 
Join the countless thousands of happy wearers who have discovered that global warming for feet is a great thing!
Despite the advanced technology of modern times, man cannot fully duplicate the amazing properties of sheepskin. 
Merino sheepskin, with the wool attached, breathes, insulates wonderfully against heat and cold and can absorb up to 30% of it's own weight in moisture.  The boots' internal fleece simply wicks away mositure from feet and the soft leather 'breathes' far better than many others.  The merino is prized for it's super-fine yet dense fleece. 
Highly fire resistant and hard wearing, sheepskin's soft fibres, durable pelt and it's ability to be dyed every colour imaginable, make it the perfect natural product for footwear construction.
Many wearers apply waterproofing compounds to improve the boots'  natural water resistance.
Sometimes called Uggs, ugs or ughs, sheepskin boots are an incredibly practical way of keeping your feet warm in winter or cool in summer.....and looking great all year round. 
Sheepskin boots should be snug when new as they will stretch with use - they are made to fit bare feet as socks are unnecessary - but if you intend wearing socks you need to allow for the extra room when ordering.
I don't sell sheepskin boots myself but I also put some links below to a number of other recommended sellers of sheepskin products.  I have hand picked these other companies for their impressive products and their service.  I do not give my recommendations lightly.

But beware - there are also 'wolves in sheep's footwear' out there who will fleece you and sell you inferior products. Many so called ugg style boots from China and Thailand are actually made from DOG SKINS - many from dogs farmed especially for skinning and sometimes for skinning alive. Please do not support this cruel trade for the sake of a few dollars.

IMPORTANT:   For boots bought from other suppliers do not use my size chart but always check with the sellers direct as they can give more relevant advice.
ALSO check the currency being quoted before ordering as some sites quote in US$ and others in NZ$ or AU$, etc.  A helpful currency conversion tool is lower down this page.

FACTORY DIRECT from Australia...

                                                            Ugg Boots

BUY FROM AUSTRALIA - We know our Uggs Inside Out!

                                                            Ugg Boots

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