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What My Customers REALLY Say.........

These are genuine UNSOLICITED testimonials from some of my customers.

'Your care and attention deserve special attention....You are an example a lot of businesses could learn from....I have worn my 500's ever day for about 5 years. I work for eleven hours a night and they are the only thing that keep my feet from telling me to take it easy! I would love another pair, but unfortunatly, even after all this time, they still look almost new.  If I ran the world, I would insist that everybody had a pair, wouldn't the world be a happier place?  -  IAN, HIGH WYCOMBE, ENGLAND
'Thanks for all your efforts, I feel great about the service. The sizing instructions you provide ensured a PERFECT fit. I'll call you again when I need another pair and meanwhile I'll tell all my friends about you. Thanks Mick.'  -  STEVE, RENO, NEVADA
'The three pairs of boots arrived the other day--they all fit perfectly, and everyone is very happy!  Thanks  so much for the prompt and friendly service.'  -  KIERAN, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS
'The boots rock man!  I love them! They are so comfortable I can't believe it.  They look amazing as well.  You will definitely see me ordering some more in the future!! Man I received them amazingly fast after you shipped I was very pleased.  Keep up the amazing work! Thanks Again!'  -  AARON, REDONDO BEACH, CALIFORNIA

'Just a quick note to let you know that the Blundstones arrived today. My husband loves them and they fit perfectly. It was a pleasure doing business with you!' - ELLIE, STURBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS
'Thank you for doing such a great service to mankind with prices and selection.... I'd never even seen the women's sizes before, and my husband will now have three pairs and no need to ever wear anything else. He's discovered that Blunnies are the perfect motorcycle boot.'  JOAN, CAPE ELIZABETH, MAINE

'Today my Blundstones withstood the rain test. Went through a torrential downpour and the water just slid off them like off a duck’s back while and the insides stayed as dry as a chip! But of course you already know that! Great boots for the weather. Thanks.'  -  CHRIS, GEORGETOWN, GUYANA
'I received the boots today!!! I have them on right now and they fit PERFECTLY!!!  I may just sleep in them tonite!!!  Now my 5 year old daughter wants a pair so we may be ordering again VERY soon!!!  Thanks for all your help in getting the perfect boots for me!!!'  -  THERESA, MEXICO, NEW YORK
'I received them today.. They fit great..  My grandpa wore a pair like them when I was  a boy, and I have looked for them for a long long time...  Thanks again.'  - WARREN, MANTECA, CALIFORNIA
'I am a crop scout and am often tracking through heavy wet soil.    In this area crop scouts are famous for wearing blundstones as they are great walking boots   ( crop scouts do a lot of walking), but can be kicked off in a hurry when entering a customers house.   They are better than running shoes as running shoes get stinky and if you get them wet in the morning you are wet for the rest of the day.   Looking forward to the water resistant blundstones. - ANGIE, SMITHS FALLS, ONTARIO
'My fiance and I are so excited for our first pair of blunnies. Thanks for making them easily accessable and so much cheaper than buying them here in
'Thanks for the great boots!  Really appreciate your
prompt service.  It was a pleasure.'  - THOMAS, NEW YORK CITY
I got the boots. They are wonderful (as all Blundstones are). Thank you so much for this service! It financially helps out us poor cowgirls and cowboys
who need some reasonably priced, COMFORTABLE and durable footwear. I will be recommending you to my friends (especially my Aussie mates in the cutting
horse industry over here...they've been asking me where I got my Blundies, but they couldn't believe how much I USED to be paying for them). Thanks
'I received my l Blundstone boots this week and wanted to write a note and thank you for your great service.  The boots fits wonderful and I am already getting lots of use around the barn with them!  If you ever need a referral I would be glad to put in a good word.' - JUDIE, FAIRFAX STATION, VIRGINIA
'We're ordering for all the guys in my husband's truck company.  You can say that that Ladder #3 at Cary Fire Department in North Carolina, USA wears your boots!  Plus my 4 year old who has to have anything and everything that Daddy does!....This is my son's second pair, too.  They are great for young children who aren't tying their shoes yet.  They can just slip them right on!...Thanks again for your great service.  This is our second order and it  won't be our last.' - MISTY, SMITHFIELD, NORTH CAROLINA
'Just took my Blunnies on a testdrive down Hollwood blvd's walk of fame.  Perfect fit, socks on and off, walked right over Steve McQueen' star with 'em.  Thanks for offering such a great product to us Yanks at an even greater price.' - MATT, HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA
'I received the boots today...even quicker than I anticipated! They are awesome. You can add a new loyal customer to your list! I'm going to buy a pair for my wife really soon!'   - ROB, EAST DUNDEE, ILLINOIS
'I received the boots today and they are GREAT.  I was on my way out to do grocery shopping so put them on and wore them right away.  They are a
perfect fit.....Now, my housemate wants a pair.' 
'Mick, I got my boots and want to thank you SO MUCH for everything!....I just love them!  I will keep an eye on your site and be on the alert for any new items you
may have. Again, it was a pleasure doing business with you, and I look forward to being a customer for life!! Thanks again....and ABSOLUTELY feel free to use my quotes on your site. If I can do anything at all to send customers your way, I'm happy to oblige....I don't think I've ever experienced finer customer service in my life!! ' - DEBBIE, SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA
'Hola Mick, Got my 'Bluny's' yesterday...... Man, are they comfortable! Thanx for the great price, service, and delivery.' - SEPP, BENSON, ARIZONA
'Hello from NM, USA.  The boots are here, and they are wonderful.  Thanks so much for all your help.  I'll tell all my friends about you, your great boots and fine service.' - ELISE, EL PRADO, NEW MEXICO
'A great price for a great boot. What could be better.  Anyone who buys Blundstones or Redback from somewhere else is crazy.  I will tell anyone who wants Blundstones or Redbacks to check your site to get the best deal.' - IAN, RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, CALIFORNIA
'The 200 Blundstones you sold me were ideal for use in the rainforests of Costa Rica--they kept my feet dry, were easy to hose off after a hike, and were quick to pull on and off for fording rivers. Our guide looked
at them so covetously that I want to buy a pair for her tiny Tica feet.' - LEAH, HEALDSBURG, CALIFORNIA
'Received boots.  Excellent quality, excellent service...  Thanks.  I've already passed along your name to friends....With the money I saved maybe I can buy a ticket to Oz!!  Thanks again. ' - JANE, WEST BLOOMFIELD, MICHIGAN
'I just got the boots today. I am very happy with them. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I will be ordering more boots from you when I need them and I will refer my co-workers to you when they need boots.' - ERIC, SEATTLE, WASHINGTON
'Yeah, Mick, The Blunnies have arrived!  They look so nice I hate to wear them around the barn.  Since my old boots have holes in them I have no choice.  Anyway, they fit fine and are wide enough for my wide feet.  I will let my horsy friends know where they can get their Blunnies.' - BABS, MORRISTON, FLORIDA
'I received the boots about a week ago and they're perfect! Thanks so much for all your help. I'm really glad to have the steel toes, and the fit is just right. I'm going to recommend you to others (and maybe come back for another pair soon).  Cheers.' - SAM, SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA.
'G'day Mick, just wanted to tell you thanks for the wonderful service and support your company provided!  I have been wearing the boots for about a week now and I am very pleased with them. Take care.' - DAVE, PARKERSBURG, WEST VIRGINIA
'I received my boots yesterday and they are great!  Thank you so much for the great customer service...I have passed your web site on to other people.  Thanks again.' - JENNIFER, IRVING, TEXAS
'Thanks so much for the very lovely boots--they fit like a dream and I'm enjoying them all around town. My husband is looking like he will want some of his own pretty soon, so we'll be in touch.'  - ARLEDA, SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA

'I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I recieved my boots yesterday.  I absolutely love them- they're wonderful!  Thanks for the helpful and quick service you provide. I'll be back soon!' - KIM. MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE

'Got my Blunnies a couple of days ago. They are awesome. Very comfortable. I will be wearing Blundstones for life. When ever these wear out (if they ever do) I'll be ordering
another pair.' - MARK, GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN

'Mick made buying boots online easy. I wasn't too thrilled at the idea of ordering online but emailing back and forth with Mick made me feel better, he's a real cool guy I saved a small fortune and won't be buying from anyone in the USA ever again. Thanks alot Mick.' - JANET, VIRGINIA.

'I received my boots safe and sound this weekend and wore them to work today. They are very comfortable and light and most importantly the soles are non-slip. I am a marine biologist and there is water and wet floors all day. I have friends that work on boats who swear by these boots so I am looking forward to many years of good service. Thanks again and I will get my future footwear from you as well.' - DREW, PETALUMA, CALIFORNIA.

'I received my boots today, the 500 Stout Brown. I love them! I have them on now and they really feel great. I really appreciate your quick response to my questions before I made my purchase and then, it was kind of you to let me know when they were on the way. I can't believe they arrived so soon. I think it only took a little over a week.  I love these boots so much that I am considering ordering a pair in black. Thanks again for your prompt service, I am really impressed!' - JO, MARYLAND.

'I just bought a pair of 505 Blundstone's and saved a bundle as a similar pair would cost $70+ more in the US. As I did not know Mick and concept of buying boots from the other side of the globe did not give me a high comfort level I had numerous email exchanges with Mick and finally took the plunge and ordered. It is needless to say that any fear I had was unwarranted, the boots arrived in 6 days, neatly packed and exactly as ordered. Mick is very customer orientated and answered all my questions with regard to size and model in detail and with a sense if urgency. If you want to buy Blundstone's consider getting them from Mick. I highly recommend him.' - ALBERT, NEW YORK.

'The boots arrived late yesterday! They are terrific and I'm wearing them today! Love them. I may well indeed buy more when I have the spare cash. Thanks mate. This has been a great experience....It was great fun ordering direct from Australia!' - RUSSELL, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS.

'The blunnies are here! They fit fine...Whew! Thanks again and I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again when all the girls at the stable get a load of Lydia's new boots....They are especially cute with dresses.' - RACHEL, FLORIDA.

'G'day Mick and g'news! my shoes arrived today and they fit GREAT! I love them and the way they feel. I'm sure I'll get plenty of wear out of them! Thanks again from St. Louis.' - BONNIE, ST.LOUIS, MISSOURI.

'Yo! That's Philadelphia for G'day!! The boots are here!! I love 'em! They are sooo comfy!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' - DONNA, MONT CLARE, PENNSYLVANIA.

'Merry Christmas. My boots, the 518 lace-ups, arrived yesterday, December 24th, which was much sooner than expected. The boots are exactly what I wanted. Thank you very much for your great service and communication. I will not hesitate to order from you in the future.' - CHRIS, BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA.

'My boots arrived here today. That was pretty fast!! Thanks again for all your help and only charging me 1 shipping fee. They look just like I expected. Have a great New Year.'  - J.P., PISCATAWAY, NEW JERSEY

'I continue to be amazed at your service to and interest in customers!  You could make a fortune in this country - I hope you're making one now!  (I wish!!, Mick)......if I ever need another pair I will make sure to buy them from you.  I will certainly recommend your company to all my friends and I hope you will have a G'day!' - MIKE, SMYRNA, DELAWARE

'Received the boots yesterday.  They fit beautifully, and look great.  Thanks so much for your help.  I really do appreciate it.' - PAUL, BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON
'Just wanted to say thanks for your assistance.  I have been away on vacation to China and my boots were here and waiting for me upon my return.  I have got them on now and they feel great.  I have been extremely happy with your service and would not hesitate in recommending you!' - DAN, GLOUCESTER, ENGLAND
'Got the boots today.  They are awesome.   Have enjoyed doing business with you and will recommend your site to anyone.  Thanks again'. - WENDELL, SOMERSET, KENTUCKY
'Love my boots.  They arrived last Thursday while I was out of town.  Tried them on last night and wanted to sleep in them.  Thanks again for your help.' - SCOTT, MILTON, MASSACHUSETTS
'We received our boots.  What a great deal, we paid half of what we would have to pay in the U.S.  We were a little nervous ordering over the internet at a price that seemed to good to be true.  Well, you
delivered as promised.  I'm sure you will be receiving orders from our friends after they hear about them. Thanks.' - STEVE & MIDORI, SEATTLE, WASHINGTON
'This my third pair of Blundstones.  The last pair lasted five years!  Thanks Mick.' - JON, CHAPEL HILL, NORTH CAROLINA
'I received the boots and am happily wearing them. Thanks again for the quick, effortless return. It could've been a transpacific hassle but it wasn't. which shows you how small the world is getting, and how that can be a good thing, like you've said.  Anyway, thanks again, i've been recommending you to my friends, hopefully the orders will start coming in for you. Take care.' - CHARLES, OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA
'I just want to thank you for the boots.  I ordered them for my anniversary which was April 3.  They got here on the very day and my husband loves them.  he says that they are like walking on clouds.  I now know what his new work boots will be!!!  You are the greatest'.  - ROSIE, WILLACOOCHEE, GEORGIA
'Great boots, super fast service! Terrific eBayer. Thanks a million AAA+++ ' - EBay buyer klassik
'Got the boots and they look and fit great -- thank you so much for your service and kind, personal attention. I'm recommending you to others!' - LYDIA ,DEERFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS
'Soooo comfortable, good communication'-EBay buyer christophert2000
'I received my order very quickly.  The boots are great.  You provide a very good service.  I'll tell my friends'.. - ROBERT, LARKSPUR, CALIFORNIA
'The Blundstones was GREAT.. at 1/2 the price!! THANKS! .. - EBay buyer kennick
'Excellent Seller, Highly recommended, Good communication, would repeat anytime. '. - EBay buyer buffabear
'My Blundstones are great.  They feel so good that I never want to take them off.  People at work are going crazy over them, so I've been spreading the word about Mick from Australia and www.bootsaustralia.comThanks a lot for helping me to get the right size.'  - JASON, CARRBORO, NORTH CAROLINA.
'Got 'em! They're great... thanks for your attentive service, Mick. Cheers!'  - JANINE, HUNTINGTON, NEW YORK. 
'Received the boots today.  They fit hubby just great and he loves them.  Thank you so much for your help.  I will certainly recommend you to everyone I know.  Thank you so much.' - HEIDI, CALAIS, MAINE.
'I got my boots yesterday.  They look and feel great.  Thanks!' - LARKIN, FLORENCE, MISSISSIPPI.
'I just wanted to thank you. The boots arrived and they fit just FINE!  No worries. I appreciate your thoroughness.'. - LINDA, BROOKLYN, NEW YORK.
'I received my boots and the fit is excellent! Thanks very much. I'll tell my friends about Blundstones.'. - CRAIG, BEAR VALLEY, CALIFORNIA..
'Blunnies have just arrived!  Thanks very much for a superb and prompt service!  Now got 3 pairs!' - JAMES, BANGOR, WALES..
'The boots arrived last week and they are great!!! Thanks again for all your time, help and patience.'  - PAM, DAVIS, CALIFORNIA.
'Thank you very much for the boots - I received them over the weekend and promptly put them on.  They are very comfy and I'm sure I'll have lots of happy miles in them.' - KRISTENE, LYNDHURST, SOUTH AFRICA.
'the boots arrived here today, they fit and feel wonderful. Thanks!' - JOHANNES, ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN.
'The boots came in yesterday and they are great. We got the right size and they look really cool.  Thanks!'- FLORIE, GLENWOOD SPRINGS, COLORADO.
'Great boots. Smooth transaction.' - eBay buyer tinkerbell4175
'I received the boots today.   They are beautiful and a good fit.  Hope to do more business with you some time in the future.'. - CHRIS, OSWEGO, NEW YORK.
'Yesterday the postman brought my new blunnys,
Now i get the best boots ever.  They fits perfect, best style and a real good price too.  I think my next shoes are blunnys too.  Thank you very much, and thanks for the bloody good service (hope my english is not to horrible, and you couldīt understand what i mean).
'When you deal with Mick, you're dealing with a super honest guy. A++++++ ' EBay Auction buyer oklou107
'Hey, just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy wearing my Blundstone 500s. They arrived about 7 days after you sent them and I was wearing the very next day straight out of the box with no break in time whatsoever. These boots are so comfortable I sometimes forego socks!  Several guys have stopped me in the streets asking where I purchased them and I always refer them to your web site. Thanks for the service and the shoes Mick! You're the best!' - TIM, EUGENE, OREGON.
'great transaction..great boots..A+++++ '-- EBay buyer suni125
 'My boots arrived yesterday and I LOVE them!!!! Thank you so much!!  People ask me where I got the great looking boots....and I'm giving them your name! Thank you for the boot conditioner too, much appreciated. You will be hearing from me again *smile*. Thanks again.' - WENDY, CLE ELUM, WASHINGTON
'I worried for nothing -my boots arrived yesterday and I LOVE them! Thank you!'  GHISLAINE, LILLE, FRANCE.
'I love my boots.  I'm a veterinarian and I work in these boots everyday.  I won't ever have another kind of work boots again.  Thanks so much for working with me on the size problem.'  - TRACI, GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA. 
'I just received my Blundstones this morning.  They are great.  Thanks for the great boots and the great service.  I will definitely refer my friends to you!'  TIM, EL DORADO HILLS, CALIFORNIA
'I've been looking all over for these boots here for cheap, and here you are! You're the best :)'  SARA, CAMBRIDGE, MASSAUCHUSETTS
'They are great, as usual.  Today my son gets his own pair (when he comes home) and his father is happy he doesn't have to share his old ones with him anymore!  So thanks again, it was a pleasure doing cyber business!'  WENDY, PICKERING, ONTARIO.
'Junior got his boots yesterday and I think may have slept in them last night!'  WENDY, PICKERING, ONTARIO.
'I recieved my boots last week and absolutely LOVE them!  Thank you so much!  They fit perfectly (just as your chart said they would) only complaint is they are way too wonderful for mucking around in the horse pasture as I had intended - I keep them right by the door and wear them everywhere else instead!'   JEANNE, STURGEON BAY, WISCONSIN
I love my blunnies so much, I wanted a pair to wear outside of the operating room!  They are very comfortable!  Thanks for offering them at such a reasonable price, too!'  KIM, SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA 

'My boots arrived this past week and they are great - just as ordered!  Thanks very much!  Not only can you quote me, you can refer any potential customers to me for any questions.  It can be a little scarey dealing with people in other countries since there's not much recourse in case of a problem, but you're like dealing with a friend.  I'll never forget your kind words after September 11th.'- BOB, WICKLIFFE, OHIO.
'A special thank to you - Mick - for your excellent support and attention while waiting the boots coming to Italy. It took a very long time due to delay of Poste Italiane. Ciao' - FRANCA E MAURO, ITALY
'Got the boots...thanks for the quick turnaround...will pound the pavement with a frenzy now...peace.' - DUSTY WRIGHT, NEW YORK CITY.

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