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bootsaustralia blog
Monday, 25 October 2010
The USBBK is back

I am delighted to be able to bring the Redback USBBK back to my site.

This popular and practical black safety boot was unavailable to us in Australia for far too long but it is now back where it belongs - on sale to Australians and to the world via Aussie Internet sellers.

The boot looks great with most uniforms and has gained a huge reputation amongst emergency service workers around the world who love the quick pull on/pull off elastic sides as well as the strength and arch support.

It is the black version of the ever popular USBOK dark brown safety boot.  The leather quality is better for most purposes than the similar black USBBL boot which still represents a great economy buy.

Thanks, Redback!

Posted by Mick at 2:59 AM EADT
Monday, 12 July 2010


Isn't it nice to see some prices going down instead of up?

Last month I was able to cut my prices on Blundstone steel toe cap safety boots - this month I can cut prices on the most popular non-safety Blundstones - in particular the 059, 063, 200, 490. 500, 510 and 550 styles.  They have always been great value but now they are absolute bargains, especially for such well made, long lasting and comfortable boots.

If you've never had a pair you owe your feet the chance to try them out!  If you've already had the pleasure of getting to know a pair of Blunnies now is a great time to some more.

If you're in the Southern Hemisphere you're in the grip of winter right now - with more to come.  Just the time for some new boots to keep your feet nice and warm.  I have to admit that here in Queensland winters aren't the harshest but it's all relative and it still feels cool after being used to our usual balmy climate. 

I just got back from a quick trip to Canberra and the Snowy Mountains so I have just had a sharp reminder of what cold is about.  If you live in those colder regions you NEED warm boots - take advantage of the Blundstone price cuts on my site - and don't waste a moment - do it NOW!

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere you may prefer not to think about it but winter will return and last year's almost worn out boots probably won't survive more rain, snow and mud so get in soon and get yourself a bargain - especially before the currency exchange rates turn against you again.


Posted by Mick at 12:42 AM EADT
Monday, 28 June 2010
Bargains Galore

For buyers in many countries, including the USA, the ongoing turmoil in currency markets is providing great exchange rates for buying products direct from Australia.

I have no idea (nor does anyone else!) how long this will last so my tip is get in early and buy your winter boots now!

Also, Blundstones have just REDUCED the prices of their steel toe cap range of work boots so buyers from everywhere can get in and save big $$ on quality work footwear.





Posted by Mick at 1:02 AM EADT
Monday, 12 April 2010


I've been convinced to give Twitter a go - I'm now MickGreen_Boots at so feel free to visit and tweet to me.

I have to be honest and say I'm not 100% sold on the idea of tweeting but if it helps communication between me and my loyal, friendly, customers let's get it going.  Become my 'friend'.  I PROMISE I won't be tweeting away every time I make a cup of coffee or go out to buy a carton of milk like some people do - I'll try my best to keep it reasonably relevant and interesting.

Let me know - do you think twittering or facebooking (not there yet but thinking about it) would help?  Is it easier or more effective for you than emails, etc for you?

Would you be more likely to follow it than this blog?



Posted by Mick at 4:06 AM EADT
Updated: Monday, 12 July 2010 1:14 AM EADT
Tuesday, 6 April 2010
New Styles and Shipping Changes


Over the past couple of months I have been adding some great new styles - in particular the latest in Blundstone Safety boots and shoes such as the Brute and Executive ranges.

The Executive range is a great new option as they are ideal for those situations where you need a smart dress shoe but have to make visits to areas with safety restrictions such as factories and other work sites.  They are discretely steel capped (to the usual high AU/NZ specifications) for safety but look every bit the part in the office or boardroom or whilst dealing with important clients.

The Brutes are an exciting selection of super tough and extra comfortable TPU soled lace-up safety boots from Blundstone.

I have also made some minor adjustments to my shipping rates, mainly to remove some anomalies with larger orders.

Remember, if you can't see what you need just email me at and I may be able to help.


Posted by Mick at 12:28 AM EADT
Updated: Tuesday, 6 April 2010 12:48 AM EADT
Tuesday, 23 February 2010
Airport Friendly Boots, Chef shoes and more

Over the past few months I have been trying to keep up with price changes and some alterations to product lines from the boot companies so there have been a number of changes to my site that give you an even greater choice of good boots from Aussie companies.

In particular, I have added and highlighted Airport Friendly boots and shoes that will not set off all those securiity metal detectors that we have learnt to live with at airports and some workplaces.  These boots can be seen by clicking here - I will add to this range as time goes on - as it can be a real hassle to be pulling boots on and off in crowded terminals (and then discover it was your belt buckle or a stray coin in your pocket that set the thing off!

 The other exciting recent addition is the Redback Chef Range of shoes especially designed for use by chefs, cooks, waiters, bar staff and others in the hospitality industry - though they are such good shoes they would be a usefully tough and practical yet good looking shoe for almost anyone.  See the pull on Chef and Barman shoes here and the lace up Waiter shoes here.

Posted by Mick at 10:46 AM EAST
Updated: Tuesday, 23 February 2010 11:11 AM EAST
Thursday, 3 September 2009
Catching up


I always have the best intentions of blogging and keeping you all up to date but you just keep me too busy with orders!

I'm not complaining but really must try harder (maybe give up sleeping completely?  hmmm...).

I did have a series of family, computer and other issues that all arrived over a relatively short period recently that did demand my attention and which slowed me down rather badly with emails and deliveries but things are pretty much back to normal now and shipments are heading out the front door at the usual speed.  I would like to thank, sincerely, all my regular (and new) customers who showed understanding and patience way beyond that which I expected.  So many of my customers are really NICE people - my websiite and advertising must be hitting the right target market!

Anyway, global financial crisis or not, business has been quite hectic but a bit hard to predict.  Some markets have been unusually quiet for short periods (whilst people digest all the bad news on the TV) and then they pick up again when those in need of good boots start looking for bargains and discover that all the changes in international currency rates over the last year have made my products very competetive for them.

As one market round the world has gone quiet others have fired up.  This whole new global online marketplace is quite a good indicator of financial (and confidence) movements around the world.  It has been quite educational.

I am pleased to say that, so far (and I hope this is ongoing), Australia's has been one of the least badly affected of all the world's economies.  We haven't been without issues but compared to some countries we seem to have done not too badly.

This is good news for stability of your supplies of boots from me.

There have been some changes in some of my costs, though, and I have been crunching some numbers lately so there are going to be some price adjustments in the very near future. 

Shipping charges will be increasing a bit as I have found that I have been subsiding some deliveries (and I think I'm a nice guy but I would like to stay in business!).  Also some prices will be adjusted over the next short while, some up and a few down - many will stay the same - in order to make sure my deals are fair and realsistic yet competetive.

This may be the time to quickly buy and grab a bargain.

I also intend adding some more products to my website - keep checking back for new items. 

I will also be updating some of the links I have to other sellers so you can shop around and get the best deals if I don't have what you need.  Why do I do that?  Because even if you don't buy from me this time, I want you to have found my site helpful and informative and then come back to me next time to see what I have.

I want my site to be the FIRST place you look for a good pair of boots and I would like to thank all of you who keep on doing just that!

The busy Christmas period is just round the corner (again!) and as we in Australia head into spring and summer those of you in the Northern Hemisphere will be turning to thoughts of (sorry to remind you) rain, snow and cold, wet feet.  Make sure you get your replacement boot orders in before your old boots die a sad, leaky death.  Every year I get desperate emails from customers who find they need new boots yesterday!  In the middle of the Christmas postal rush those feet stay cold and wet longer than their owners would like.

Wherever you are, thanks for reading and come back soon.  Your feet will thank you.

Posted by Mick at 3:06 AM EADT
Wednesday, 19 March 2008
Moving Along......

OK - the changes to my prices are now in place so just about all sales are now in Aussie $.  This should allow some greater stability in prices as I will not need to keep chasing currency exchange rate changes.

I am also in the process of adding some links to products that are sold by other suppliers - these may be in other currencies so always check before comparing or buying.

 My No Worries Guarantee still exists but as an optional extra for those who want the extra peace of mind that it offers - it is still the best in the business and I remain unchallenged on that.  All other sales have a good, but more standard, guarantee which matches or betters that of most of my rivals - and this allows me to offer the best price I can for most of my customers who are here for great boots at bargain prices and who would prefer a low price to a 'bells and whistles' guarantee.  After all, the boots I sell are so good that claims are rare anyway.

 Want to see a fun use for Blundstone boots?  In case you've missed it there's a great link on my site to a video of paragliders doing their thing along the California coast - the guys are wearing only the best boots - see them at

 I have recently discovered a couple of niggly issues that can occasionally crop up if you view my site from browsers other than Internet Explorer so if something, such as a link or the shopping cart, doesn't seem to work on another browser (such as the usually excellent Firefox) just open up in IE and try again.  I am trying to fix the problems but it will take time.  Let me know if you spot any issues I need to fix.

 Keep up with news and interesting articles from Australia and round the world by CLICKING HERE.

Posted by Mick at 12:07 AM EADT
Saturday, 16 February 2008
Changes are a-coming

Another frantic Christmas and New Year season are behind us and I am finally getting a few spare moments to keep you up to date.

The gyrations of the US v AU Dollars have continued, making my policy of pricing in US$ on my main site and AU$ for my eBay sales very hard to maintain as the value I receive in US$ is constantly changing - and not always in a good way for me!

 I have been impressed with the very savvy way my customers have kept up with improved exchange rates by moving between the two sites to get the best deal - even with the reduced guarantee terms on my eBay sales.

It is obvious to me what you are saying - most of you want the best price I can offer and don't care what the currency I advertise in is (you pay in your own money anyway) and are prepared to take a reduced guarantee to get your boots (after all -  the boots I sell don't have many warranty issues).  

Some of you do want the famous No Worries guarantee, however, and don't mind paying a small premium for it.

So starting very soon I will be changing my terms of sale a little to put all prices in Aussie Dollars (with a handy conversion tool so you can check how much it will be in whatever you consider to be 'real' money). 

I will also be selling with a basic 'Fair Deal' guarantee (to keep prices low) but offering an upgrade to the 'No Worries' guarantee for those who would like it.

That gives us all the best of both worlds.

I also plan to expand my offerings on eBay over the next few months.

Most of the boot companies have struggled with demand lately and Blundstones have struggled more than most - their move to overseas production has had no effect on quality but it has certainly not improved their reliability as suppliers.

Apologies to those of you who may be waiting, or have had to wait, for Blunnies. 

You may have noticed the link on my site to get live Aussie radio stations on your computer - if not go to and find your favourite station.  It's a great way to keep up with Aussie news and events and the music scene here.  Play the tunes to your boots - they'll love the sounds of home!


Posted by Mick at 2:45 PM EAST
Saturday, 10 November 2007
Shipping charges
I have made some changes to the shipping charges at to remove an anomaly that had crept in when I recently amended my prices.  What it means to you is that shipping charges have now been REDUCED in many situations when more than one pair of boots is being bought.  Due to the complexities of the PayPal shopping cart that I use it is very hard (impossible in fact) to have a shipping fee system that is without any amomalies at all.  If you are buying and the shippping fee that the cart wants to charge seems wrong or unfair please email me at and I will have a look at your situation for you.

Posted by Mick at 12:46 AM EAST
Saturday, 3 November 2007
Baxter Tuffy

I have just added the Baxter Tuffy range to my site ( CLICK HERE then scroll down).  The Tuffy is an excellent style which offers a huge range of sizes from child 6 to adult 13 (including half sizes) at bargain prices

They are ideal for all kinds of purposes, having smart but weather resistant oil kip leather and non-slip but shallow tread soles which make them ideal for horse riding or for general purpose indoor or outdoor use. 

The children's sized boots will make great Christmas presents for young riders and others -  with no laces to tie!

Posted by Mick at 4:02 AM EADT
Friday, 2 November 2007
More US$ Price Changes

The Aussie Dollar is contunuing its relentless advance in value whilst the US $ continues to slide against almost everything.  There was a time when a US Dollar earnt me about AU$2 but now it is about $1.04 after bank charges etc and much of this movement has been in the past few months.

There are all kinds of reasons for these trends which seem likely to continue for a while at least.  

The result for me is that my sales in US$ are netting me fewer and fewer Aussie $ every day and unfortunately my suppliers (and my local supermarket) will only accept the Aussie variety when I pay my bills.

 So I am reluctantly forced again to raise my US$ prices on my website to avoid going backwards.

My prices are still significantly better than on most international sites and I offer a personal service that none of the 'big boys' can even dream of!

 I have, however, found one US based site that is pretty competetive on price for the basic Blundstone styles and I encourage you to check their prices out, especially if you live in one of the 48 states of the Continental USA to which they offer free shipping (AK and HI residents have to pay extra and they won't ship to any other countries*).  See below.

Continental USA
Attention: Residents of Continental USA*
Would you like to buy boots from a US based seller if you could find one with reasonable prices?

CLICK HERE to check a great seller who has somehow managed to get their prices (including shipping) down REALLY LOW. Theiy don't carry the same range as me but they do have some VERY GOOD DEALS*!

My commitment is always to find you great deals wherever they may be and whilst I love selling to you I'm always happy to give my visitors good advice. CLICK HERE

*Note: They charge extra for shipping to Alaska and Hawaii and will not ship to Canada or other countries.  See for some links to companies who can help with shipping from this seller to all locations.



My aim is to get you a good deal - not sell to you at any price and it's horses for courses so check them out.

*By the way, there is a great new service that will allow residents of India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia to buy from websites like the one above that will only deliver to US addresses - eventually this great service (or similar ones) may be available to those of you from other parts of the world.  It is simple, clever and cheap and comes from a very reputable company.  Check out 


Posted by Mick at 1:27 AM EADT
Updated: Thursday, 3 September 2009 4:10 AM EADT
Monday, 22 October 2007
Blundstone 331 & 335 Steelcap boots
STOP PRESS:  Due to production problems the Blundstone 331 and 335 styles will be unavailable until at least early 2008.  I recommend as alternatives the Blundstone 172Redback Bobcat, Rossi 700 or SteelBlue Hobart .

Posted by Mick at 2:40 PM EADT
Updated: Friday, 2 November 2007 1:30 AM EADT
Sunday, 14 October 2007
News and More

International currency rates have been all over the place in the last few months but the general trend is that the Aussie Dollar is gaining ground on the US $ and with little sign of slowing down.  This is making it VERY hard to keep my US $ prices as low as I (or you if that's what you have in your pocket) would like. 

A few price rises have been necessary and I won't promise there won't be any more but I'll do my best.  If you want to save I would not wait, if I were you!  The links I have provided to US based sellers are well worth checking out as my advantage over them is not as great as I would like!



Blundstones have made their move to produce all their leather boots offshore in India and Thailand.  There are still some Aussie made boots in stock but as they go they are replaced with the new imports. 

The good news is that this will help a little to stabilise prices and also VERY IMPORTANTLY  there is NO drop in quality.  The original lasts and machines from Australia have been moved to the new plants and quality control is very high.  Blundstones know as well as anyone that any drop in quality with the move will be commercial suicide so they are being very careful. 

So far, the imports are totally indistinguishable from the Aussie products. Only time will tell if they can keep this up but I am sure they will as their whole future is riding on doing so.  

Don't forget, though, Blundstones aren't the old brand I sell so if you want to buy Australian made products I still have them!



Please don't leave it too late for your Christmas and New Year orders.  Production levels struggle to keep up at this time of year and Blundstones are already a bit behind due to their production move. 

With the best will in the world, I always have great trouble processing and filling orders as the rush approaches.  Shipping slows down as all the planes fill up with freight and mail and the mail deliverers start to wilt under the pressure.  Aussie boot factories traditionally close for maintenance over the Christmas break so what I can't get by mid December I often can't get until February so, sadly, every year I have a few disapponted customers whose plans to fill their loved ones' Christmas stockings with a new pair of boots don't work out as hoped.

Please do yourself a favour and get those orders in as early as you can and try to be a little flexible (and patient - I do my best!) - if I can't get the exact style you want try to have a plan B in the wings for an alternative style or brand.



I have recently launched a new site which I hope will, one day, be seen as a valuable resource to the online footwear buying community.  It is called Shoe Junction ( and my intention is for it to be a 'one stop' resource for anyone wanting to learn about buying footwear online and find links to the information they need.  Go visit and, if you like the concept, keep coming back - what you see now is only the first phase - I have plans to add much more.  Tell your friends if its usefull - tell ME if it isn't.

Posted by Mick at 3:53 AM EADT
Tuesday, 10 April 2007
Shipping Charge & Price Changes

Over recent months the exchange rate between Australian and US Dollars has been steadily moving (the wrong way from my position!) and I have been receiving less and less cash in my bank for US $ sales. 

I have absorbed these losses for as long as I can in the hope that the trend would reverse itself.  However, to my surprise (and that of almost all the 'experts') this hasn't happened and the Aussie Dollar is now at its highest level against the Greenback for many years and is stubbornly hanging on there.

So, I have been forced to make some price adjustments on my website to ensure that I can still continue to serve all my clients - many who have been buying from me for years.

I have kept as many prices as I can steady but there are a few rises.  I  have also adjusted the shipping fees for larger orders as my previous 'flat fee' shipping was becoming unviable due to the combination of recent postage rises and the currency rate changes. 

My rates are still bargains compared with almost anywhere else you might look though and I hope to be serving all my loyal customers for a long time yet!


Posted by Mick at 4:12 AM EADT
Updated: Tuesday, 10 April 2007 4:13 AM EADT

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